Retinoids are wrinkle-reducing creams that thicken the skin and unclog pores, but they can also leave behind dry, patchy areas. Gently exfoliate those dead skin cells with a heavy washcloth.

Blond Therapy

Blond highlights? Selectively shampoo your hair, recommends stylist Guy Riggio at the Sally Hershberger salon. Apply shampoo only on the roots, not on the shaft, to avoid drying out already fragile hair.

Color Care

Let your colorist know how you spend your time so you can prevent such color mishaps as a golden-blond tone that gives off a green hue under fluorescent office lighting.

At-home Healing

Dry scalp? Massage with warm olive oil and cover with a shower cap for 10 minutes to soothe itching and dryness.

Conditioning Protection

Leave in approximately 10 to 15 percent of your hair conditioner before going outdoors, says Tom Brophy of the Tom Brophy Salon. It will act as a sun protectant and deep conditioner.

Nail It Down

Los Angeles manicurist Georgyanna Giardini advises to never file your nails after you shower; it weakens the nail and causes tears.

Clean Sweep

Wipe down styling tools with alcohol once a week. Removing product residue cuts your styling time and lengthens your iron’s lifetime.

Dress for Your Coloring

Complement your tresses and stand out with primary colors like yellow and sapphire. Try solid tops and dresses in rainbow shades to find the one most flattering to your complexion.

Beautiful Color

Extend the life of your hair color by asking your colorist about pigment-containing shampoos and conditioners, says hair guru Tom Brophy.


Hot oil treatments are ideal for adding moisture to coarse hair but will drag down fine or color-treated locks. Instead, choose a deep-conditioning cream enriched with a protein like keratin.

Curling Iron Mishap

If you’ve accidentally burned yourself curling or straightening your hair (hello, morning rush!), treat your skin with cold water, then break open a capsule of vitamin E and dab on top.

A Long-lasting Brush

Clear out dead hair and dust from a hairbrush with a tail comb, but never soak it. You want your brush to become seasoned with all that residual oil.

The Perfect Pony

Add glamorous height to a ponytail by placing the tip of a tail comb under the top of your hair and lifting gently toward the crown, suggests Theresa Marra-Siliceo, hairstylist for "As the World Turns."

Spray Away

To control flyaways and add a "piecey" look to your style, spray a light-hold hair spray on your fingertips. Rake your fingers through your hair, scrunching your locks wherever you want extra definition.

Scalp Scoop

If your scalp is oily, condition only the lower two-thirds of the hair. Massaging conditioner into the roots could make your scalp oilier, says Tom Brophy of Tom Brophy Hair.

24-hour Hold

Layer your hair spray for lasting control. Start with a fine mist of a light-hold hair spray before moving on to a maximum-hold spray so your hair won’t collapse under its own weight.

Hair for Your Face

To make a round face look oval, avoid haircuts that are shorter than shoulder length. Side parts tend to widen the face, so opt for a middle part. A few layers in front will elongate the face.

Add Shine to Hair

Try a post-shampoo rinse once a week with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar diluted in 1 pint of water. The acid in the vinegar will remove buildup from styling products like mousse and hair spray.

Making the Cut

After a bad, too-short haircut, resist the urge to head straight to another stylist. Instead, wait three months so the fixer has something to work with.

Apply When Wet

Skin absorbs active ingredients more easily when damp. For ultimate moisture, apply serums and moisturizers after you shower, says Stacey Yates, director of SkinSpirit Spas in California.

Eye Do’s

The latest weapon against dark eyes and bags: Mix light-reflecting powder concealer with your favorite eye cream. Results are eye-opening.

Get Rich Quick

At-home glazes enhance color-treated tresses. The color boosters coat strands with a layer of protecting conditioners and penetrate the shaft with shine-enhancing properties like silicone. 

Goodbye, Bad Hair Days

Braided styles work well on all hair types since they tame frizz, secure uneven layers and look unbelievably chic at all times. Bonus: They camouflage split ends.

Go Deep

Since darker hues tend to reflect light, brown tresses are often more vibrant. Bonus: Breakage and other damage are less visible on brunettes. 

The Cool Club

Choose hair color hues with blue undertones for a more consistent look over time; warmer tones tend to get brassy. Extend your dye job with protein-enhanced shampoos formulated for color-treated hair.

The Prep Steps

Make your look last by applying the proper products before styling. A spritz of light-hold, flexible hairspray before a blowout tames tresses, while mousse insures curls get a bit of bounce, says celebrity stylist Bradley Irion. 

Eat Right

Just like your body, hair needs the right fuel to be at its best. Healthy fats -- avocado, olive oil and walnuts -- stimulate shine. Strength and length are improved with protein-packed foods, including eggs and soy. 

Cool It Now

To minimize heat damage: Gently towel-dry hair at least halfway before blasting a blow dryer. When styling with an iron, prep with a silicone-based product to shield strands from serious breakage. 

Breaking Bad

Instead of brushing hair post-shower, gently finger through any knotted areas before towel drying. Allow air time before styling to avoid stress and damage.

Smooth Operators

Beat errant flyaways with moisture: a dab of an aloe-infused baby wipe, lip balm or lotion will tame misbehaving strands.

Fake It

Clip-on extensions are insta-chic. Classic chignons and pretty ponies are perfect for a big night out; a braided headband extension turns the messiest hair into a boho chic style.

The Finer Points

Hair texture determines product needs: Moisture-rich conditioners tame thick tresses, and silicon-rich products weigh down finer locks. Opt for flexible hair sprays and vitamin-packed shampoos.

A Slimming Effect

To slim down a chubby chin, sweep matte bronzer that’s just a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone along your jaw line. Slightly darkening the fuller area makes it appear to recede.


To avoid splotchy knees and elbows when using self-tanner, start with the mid-calf and mid-thigh, then move to the middle of your upper and lower arm. Spread the residue left on your hands on the knees and elbows.

Arches of Beauty

Pencil beats powder when filling in your eyebrows' bald spots. Using a super-sharp pencil and very light pressure, draw little hairlike strokes, then brush upward with a spooly brush, says brow guru Tonya Crooks.

Color Correctly

No need to start all over if you were heavy-handed with the blush, says makeup artist Raychel Wade. Just sweep a sheer, luminous powder over your cheeks to diffuse the color.

24-hour Makeup

For makeup that lasts from day into night, celebrity makeup artist Elan Bongiorno suggests patting your eyelid with concealer to create a long-lasting primer base for your eye shadow.

Salon Preparation

Ditch the highlight descriptors (baby blond versus honey blond) and talk to your colorist through pictures. Bring magazine photos of the shade you’re after, says Tom Brophy, owner of Tom Brophy salon.

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