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Keep Your Faux Tan Going

By Jenna Mahoney

Summer may be nearly over, but your glow doesn’t have to end. In fact, there are ways to keep your self-tan looking natural and streak-free. The key is to look sun-kissed golden instead of orange deep into harvest season.

The Sweet Spots

As the weather begins to cool, the usual tough areas -- tops of feet, elbows and knees -- can look even more funky and patchy after repeated applications of self-tanning lotion. Use a body scrub to lighten and spot-treat stains; apply in circular motions and pat skin dry. If you plan on reapplying self-tanner, be sure to pick an oil-free scrub so the lotion absorbs evenly.

Drink up

Skin tends to become a little drier in the fall, due to environmental changes, says Miami-based makeup artist Marissa Nemes. And dry skin can mean uneven pigmentation. Infuse thirsty skin with a humectant cream. “Look for ingredients that heal as well as moisturize,” says Nemes, who likes products with grape seed oil, jojoba oil, mineral oil and purified water.

Be Prepared

No matter the season, a streakless, all-over glow can only be achieved with the proper prep. For a flawless -- and hydrated -- finish, blend your favorite self-tanner and moisturizer and spread it evenly in large strokes over freshly washed skin. Make sure skin is towel-dried but not too slick for application. If you are using a new formula, don’t forget to spot-check.

Lighten up

“Just as skin naturally lightens or darkens seasonally, your faux glow should do the same,” says Nemes. Switch your usual deeply pigmented summer self-tanner to a gradual self-tanner or lighter-hued shimmer bronzing cream. Luminizing body lotions with light-reflecting properties will smooth over any inconsistencies and leave an even glow. For your face, try a bronzing gel or highlighting cream.

Jenna Mahoney is a beauty, travel and lifestyle editor and writer based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her work has appeared in such publications as Allure, Self, Fitness, Shape, New York Magazine, and online at BettyConfidential.com and Fashionista.com.
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