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Dry Shampoo Techniques

By Susan Trumpbour

Whether you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to wash and style your hair, or you want to stretch time between washings to protect your hair color from fading, dry shampoo just may be the product you need. “The biggest benefit of dry shampoo is that it removes excess oil and buildup, while reenergizing your style so that it lasts an extra day or two, sometimes three or four,” says Vincent Lann, a stylist at Blow, the New York Blow Dry Bar. The combination of reduced heat styling tools and less frequent washing keeps your hair healthier and its color vibrant.

The Best Time to Use Dry Shampoo

you use dry shampoo will help increase its effectiveness:

  • The best time in your blowout cycle varies from person to person, but a good general rule of thumb is on the night of the second day or the start of third.
  • Fine, limp hair can benefit from an end-of-day rejuvenating touch-up. Give your head a good once-over, leave it for a few minutes and then brush through it.
  • Hit the gym often? Put some of the dry shampoo around your hairline and in your roots before your workout and wear a sweatband. This will help absorb some of the sweat and oil. 
  • Use dry shampoo at night for better absorption. The friction from the pillow helps make it absorb easier and protects hair from the nighttime greasies.

Dry Shampoo Application Techniques

To avoid the rough or dull hair that dry shampoo can cause, try these strategies:

  • It is best to only use it on the roots, where hair retains the most oil. (Hair doesn’t produce the oil, our scalp does.)
  • For spray applicators, shake the can, hold the bottle 8 to 10 inches away from your hair and spray. Leave the product in for a minute or two to soak up oil. 
  • If you choose powder, dot it along the roots and desired areas. Or try the convenient brush-on applicator, which allows you to control the amount of powder. Tap to release excess powder then apply it.
  • Lift hair section by section and apply the dry shampoo along the root area.
  • After application, let the dry shampoo absorb for a minute or two and gently massage the scalp. Brush through and then style as usual.
  • Avoid all wax products when using dry shampoo, since these styling aids tend to make hair dirty.

Susan Trumpbour is a former beauty editor and has contributed to Glamour, Good Housekeeping and Woman's Day. She is the editor and founder of MyBeautyberry.com.
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