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How to Create a Faux Bob

By Grace Gold

Eva Longoria debuted the faux bob on a glam night out, and now a fresh new crop of celebs like Anne Hathaway, Kate Beckinsale and Rosario Dawson have made the low-key style a mainstay on the red carpet. Any hair type that is at least a couple of inches past the shoulders can pull off the trick with ease.

Prep and Plump
Hair that isn’t freshly washed is easiest to handle because the natural texture holds better, says stylist Antonio Gonzales at New York City’s Orlo Salon. But if you’re blow-drying, first spray a root-lifter for added body.

Set up Sections
To make the bob tuck under as securely as possible, you’ll want to work in sections. Part hair in four quarters: Split the first section from ear to ear, and the second from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck, instructs Gonzales. Slicing the vertical part off-center to one side will make your bob look more modern and sleek. Use duckbill clips to hold your sections separately.

Go Glam With Curls
Using a 2-inch barrel curling iron, add smooth body with two large curls above each ear and four curls in the bottom back sections of the head. “Keep in mind the bigger the curling iron, the bigger the wave -- the smaller the iron, the tighter the curl,” says Gonzales.

Roll ’n’ Pin
Starting at the back of the head, roll the first two lowest curls back onto the neck and secure with bobby pins. (Use pins that match your hair color for the smoothest finish.) Then roll the next two curls onto and over the bottom curls, covering them and pinning underneath. Continue the pattern until the full head is done, and lightly spritz hairspray all over to hold your sexy new bob.

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