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Make Over Your Hair and Makeup for Spring

By Hope DeAngelis Schmid

Spring never comes soon enough. This year, we’re welcoming the bohemian look: all white and bright floral dresses. It’s also time to shake off those thigh-high boots and search out the perfect pair of wedges or espadrilles. But don’t overlook a beauty transformation to go along with your new wardrobe, because nothing makes you feel as fresh as a hairstyle or a few new bright colors for your eyes, lips and nails, no matter what clothes you’re wearing. Read on for ways to make over your look for spring.

Winter Look: Shaggy, layered cuts

New Spring Makeover: Face-framing layers

If fall and winter are a time to primp and flaunt a deliberate hairstyle, spring and summer should be more carefree. A hairstyle that will simplify your regimen is the way to go for the warmer months.

“Cuts are moving away from over-layered, shattered haircuts,” says Adam Livermore for Oribe Hair Care. Instead, opt for “a cut with a strong, substantial perimeter with flattering layers just around the face. This look works for everyone and never looks too contrived. My favorite hair look right now is long, strong and substantial -- but only if it's well-maintained.” Think Jennifer Lawrence’s long, layered locks.

Winter Look: Zebra-striped highlights

New Spring Makeover: Strategically placed highlights

Spring means sunshine and bright colors, and that’s reflected in the hair color trends this spring. Alain Pinon, co-owner and partner of Salon AKS, recommends going with lighter and chunkier highlights around the face. Specifically look for “gorgeous strawberry-toned highlights and baby blonds.”

Winter Look: A purposely messy updo

New Spring Makeover: A naturally loose chignon

Livermore loves a twist that’s neither too perfect nor obviously messy. “Start low, twist high, use a few giant bobby pins to secure the look, and make sure the bottom doesn’t drape low or hang loose.” Finish with a hair spray to lock in the look. “For this look, it's about easy elegance, so that you notice the woman and not the hair,” says Livermore. He points to Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet as two celebrities who have mastered the hairstyle updo.

Winter Look: Smoky eye

New Spring Makeover: Brightly colored eye shadows

Intense-colored eye shadows, including purples, pinks and yellows are what feel freshest this season, says celebrity makeup artist Matin Maulawizada. Try powder liners in green, wine or navy to experiment with color.


Winter Look: Deep Burgundy Lip

New Spring Makeover: Watermelon-hued lips

Deep-hued, wine-stained lips should be retired along with your favorite cashmere scarf. Instead, opt for bright and sheer watermelon pinks in sheer, says Maulawizada. Lips are shiny and bright, but not too glossy and never matte for spring.


Winter Look: Griege nails

New Spring Makeover: Bright poppy colors

If previous seasons were about grays and neutrals, this spring expect to see plenty of colors that reflect nature. Blue hues are popular, but not the navy nail of the past. Expect more sky blues and Caribbean Sea shades. Bright pinks are also making a comeback. Pantone’s color of the year is Honeysuckle, a bright reddish pink, which makes for a peppy pedicure.

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Hope DeAngelis Schmid has written for many websites, including DailyMakeover.com, Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog, Glamour’s beauty blog Girls in the Beauty Department and TheDCLadies.com. She is the co-founder of the popular travel website, TheJetSetGirls.blogspot.com.
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