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What’s the best way to communicate with my stylist? Sometimes I feel as if we’re speaking different languages.

By Jim Wayne

I hear so many horror stories about differences of opinion regarding measurements as seemingly obvious as an inch or two. While we stylists may understand certain terms because it's what we do for a living, we can't expect it to always be clear to our clients. That's why any good stylist will have the patience to talk to you and answer your questions. What can you do to communicate more effectively with your hairdresser?

To get the best results from your next visit to the salon, use visuals. Scour magazines to find pictures of what you like and dislike, and don't just limit yourself to an overall style. Think of your whole head in sections -- front,
back, top, sides, bangs, no bangs -- and look at the pictures you collect for specific sections that you like. Then, discuss with your stylist what he or she thinks will work best for you. These aspects make the difference between a $50 haircut and a $200 cut.

If it all seems too overwhelming, take a breath and communicate. I know it's hard to do, but it's worth it to take your time: You’ll be smiling for a long time when you get great results.

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Jim Wayne is the owner of the Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills. Prior to opening his salon, he managed the Beverly Hills branch of Vidal Sassoon. His celebrity clientele includes Heidi Klum and Amanda Bynes.
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