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What’s the most painless way to grow out a layered bob?

By Jenna Mahoney

For years, it seemed like the look of du jour was the bob. That’s because its layers, pieces and blunt edges are universally flattering. But it sounds like you’re now ready for a new hairstyle -- one that’s longer, bouncier and less severe. Here’s how to avoid the growing pains.

Use Bobby Pins
One thing that makes the bob such a great cut is all the layering. But that asset turns into a pain once the grow-out process begins. Bobby pins or cute barrettes can be used to fasten longer front pieces of hair away from the face. For even more flair, twist a lock around your finger and attach just above the outer edge of your brow. When putting hair in a ponytail, criss-cross pins to secure any flyaways and errant pieces of layers.

Mix It Up
If you’ve been parting your bob down the middle, take it to the side. Blow-dry your hair straight and you can camouflage any inconsistencies in the growing layers. If you didn’t have bangs, you may consider cutting a heavy fringe. This will detract from the growth process, while keeping your look fresh.

Keep Hair Healthy
Split ends and dull texture scream “I’m in between.” Banish that lackluster look with healthy, shiny strands. Use a hair masque once a week to infuse growing hair with much-needed protein, and condition ends every time you shower. A natural-bristle brush will help enhance shine by evenly distributing natural oils along the shaft.

Even It Out
Soften blunt edges with a trim. To enhance body, try a volumizing shampoo and use hot rollers to add bounce and waves. The curls and movement help disguise an in-between cut.

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