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What are some easy ways to boost my blond hair color for winter?


The elements can be just as rough on your hair as they can be on your skin. To amp up your flaxen coif when the climate gets cooler, you need to make sure you are using the right products to keep your blond looking brilliant. A color-depositing shampoo and conditioner will ensure your deep-blond hue doesn’t fade, while a violet-based shampoo will help to keep your icy-blond shade cool and sparkly. I would recommend that you shampoo less frequently, and (even though this is especially hard during the winter) shampoo and rinse with cool water -- it helps to keep the cuticle flat and the hair color sealed in.

It’s also a good idea to do a gloss and deep-conditioning treatment a few weeks after coloring. Doing so will help to neutralize any brassiness or unwanted orange tones, and keep your hair shiny and soft through the brutal winter months.

The blond trend for this winter is definitely pointing toward warmer hues -- which I love. A golden blond can help warm up almost any complexion. If your complexion is olive or deeper, gold can look cheap -- so stick with neutrals like sandy shades, as opposed to yellow hues. Adding lowlights or even deepening your entire base color (which I prefer -- most lowlights tend to look stripy, which is not on point this season) are great ways to give depth and a rich, warm luster to your hair. 

Most of all, remember this: Hair color is not a tattoo. Your shade is the only thing on your body you can change on a whim. As long as you follow the rules, mix it up -- you can always go back.

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