The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him

By Paul Baranda

If I tallied up the many bottles of cologne I’ve received as gifts in the last several years, I could probably compete against Sephora. Sure, finding gifts for men is easy: Everyone will tell you to get us a fragrance, tie or flat-screen TV. Well, a TV is too expensive and ties are too impersonal for you, so you decide cologne is the perfect gift. (Unless it ends up not smelling as good on him as it did on the guy who sold it to you, of course.)

Take it from me: Stay away from the typical gifts and get creative this holiday season. He’ll appreciate not having to add another cologne bottle to his collection.

Now, let’s break this down according to your relationship’s lifespan. This way, you can decide which gift is most appropriate and meaningful. Buying something expensive too early on in the relationship might send the wrong message, so keep it simple.

Less than one month: Anything gadgety. Think accessories for his iPhone, iPad or laptop. Or, buy a DVD set of his favorite TV show. These are small -- but cool -- gifts that any guy would continue to love … even if you’ve moved on to a new man by Valentine’s Day.

Three months: A shaving kit or any urbane accoutrements can turn a tedious routine into a fun way for us guys to keep that skin soft. It’s also a great reminder that keeping it smooth will score him more smooches.

Six months: A leather travel dopp kit with lots of pockets and space for all his grooming essentials would be a safe bet. You could also get your guy a messenger bag with tons of pockets for his laptop and gadget accessories. At the midyear mark, a functional gift that says you know him and his needs well is perfect. Guys love functional gifts, especially ones with -- you guessed it -- pockets!

One year or more: Experience gifts -- such as tickets to a game or a concert, a weekend getaway or your smile (accompanied by some lacy holiday cheer) -- will be sure to put a long-lasting grin on your man’s face. You’ve been together for a while, so upping the ante will ensure that he gets the winning gift he deserves.

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Paul Baranda is the founder and editor of Beyond Beauty Basics.
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