Makeup Trend Alert: Violet Eyes

By Jeannine Morris

After seeking out the trends backstage during New York Fashion Week for the fall 2010 season, one of the hottest makeup hues of the season became clear. Violet was seen on the runways from Carolina Herrera to Brian Reyes. Though I’m a little shy when it comes to experimenting with eye shadow color, I decided to give this a shot. After all, makeup artists promised it would help make my hazel eyes pop, and since it’s on trend, even better.

Once I applied the shadow, my hazel eyes appeared greener, and since I wear a lot of black clothes, it was nice to have that pop of color for a change. Slowly but surely, I’ve worked different shades of purple eye shadow into my cosmetic bag over the past few weeks to help draw attention to my eyes and create different looks. 

The good news is, you don’t need hazel eyes to be on trend this season. NYC-based makeup artist Naomi Porto of Gemini 14 says purple shadows look great with all eye colors, but the key to getting it right is to understand your skin tone. In general, cool undertones should use lighter shades like lilac, and warm undertones should opt for deeper hues like berries.

Porto also recommends working on your eyes first before making up the rest of your face so you can fix them as you go along and make them your main focal point. Then, use a rose-toned blush and finish the look with the right lip color. If you used lighter purples on your eyes, try a berry lip. If you used deeper shadows, opt for a nude lip to balance it out.

Jeannine Morris is an on-air expert who regularly appears on E!, NBC, CBS, FOX, LXTV and BetterTV. She contributes to Cosmopolitan,,, and Morris is the founder and editor in chief of
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