His and Hers: Halloween Costumes

By Stacy Cox

I love November 1.

Yes, the day after Halloween.

Why? Because the previous night’s photographs go viral, enabling us to enjoy the detail-laden efforts of Halloween’s power couple, Heidi and Seal. Mr. and Mrs. Seal keep us guessing from year to year with their elaborate costumes that range from biblical to mystical: Halloween of 2006 found Seal as Eve of Adam and Eve fame and Heidi sporting both an apple and a serpent costume. 

Then 2008 saw Heidi as Kali, a Hindu goddess, and Seal as her tribal king. Heidi wore head-to-toe turquoise with spare arms magically waving around her, a gold headdress and red contacts. Last year, the couple transformed into black ravens. I can’t wait to see what they come up with this weekend.

Heidi says the best way to design your costume is to first visit a thrift store, then embellish your finds with clever details that make it all your own. For example, in 2007, she dressed as a cat and added a tag around her neck that said, “If lost, please return to Seal.”   

For affordable help with your makeup and hair, try locating a cosmetology school in your area. You will find students eager to help you and your significant other concoct whimsical hair and makeup to match your Halloween attire. The main things to remember when emulating a Heidi/Seal look are to have a sense of humor, push boundaries and go bold or go home.

Stacy Cox is a television lifestyle, beauty and fashion expert. She can be regularly seen on The View, Better and The Doctors. Cox also contributes to FoxNews.com, Forbes.com and StyleBakery.com.
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