Blond: The Shade of Innocence

By Amber Katz

The bright, glossy, natural shade of blond atop toddlers’ heads is one of the most enviable hair colors around. No wonder that going baby blond, or soft yellow, is super-trendy at the moment -- celebrity "towheads" include Renee Zellweger, Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams. There are, however, some rules for the over-Kindergarten-aged set for rocking this hue. Here’s what you need to know before you roll back the follicular hands of time.

Assess Your Natural Color
We all acknowledge that blondes of any sort usually have some hair color help. That said, before going uber-light, make sure your natural hue falls within the range of what would still be called blond -- even if it’s bordering on brunette. That way, your brows won’t sell you out.

Minimize Makeup
Go ahead and stitch this proverb I just made up on a sampler: “The lighter the locks, the less makeup one rocks.” Buttery hair color adds a lot of brightness, so makeup can typically be toned down to make bright cosmetics look less theatrical. Think pale, sheer shades.

Complexion Perfection
The baby-blond look is best left to pale gals. Because of the faint yellow tint, it tends to flatter rosier, lighter tones as opposed to more golden ones. Skin with hints of yellow or gold (ranging from fair to deep) is better suited for platinum shades, so that there’s a contrast of cool-toned hair versus warm-toned skin.

Amber Katz is the founder and editor of Beauty Blogging Junkie, a pop-culture infused beauty blog. She contributes regularly to the New York Press and about must-have hair and beauty products.
Bed-head hair: Victoria Secret model sexy, or please use a brush? You decide if the look is a:
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